Sunday, September 16, 2012

Musical Echos from Ascalon

During the BWEs I was positive one of the the songs in the background music of Queensdale was either a song from the starter area music from GW1,pre-searing, or close to it.  The problem was as soon as I realized it was there it ended since the background music cycles through different songs.  Finally I waited until I heard the music and then recorded it with my kid's Bloggie.  It is not the exact same song but the musical similarites are striking.  Listen for your self and decide.

First, listen to the the song "Gwen's Theme".  This is the song that plays in the pre-searing Ascalon starter area.  Pay attention to the flute at the 30 second mark.

Now the Queensdale music from GW2.  Again, pay attention to the flute around the 30 second mark.  (The video is black since I was just recording the audio.  Also, my apologies for the sound quality.)     

This sounds amazingly similar, not the same...more like similar themes.  For me this is one of the many amazing ways GW2 ties into GW1, like listening to a familiar echo of the past.


  1. It is both eerie and soothing. Jeremy Soule did a great job on the soundtrack.

  2. Both very beautiful, and definitely as Siadina said, soothing.