Saturday, June 16, 2012

BETA the Second

Unfortunately, I did not get to play much during the last round of open world testing.  I had plenty of house work, work work, and play work that needed attention.  However, I did get an hour or two in and dabbled around in Tyria and it was exceedingly enjoyable.   (I didn't get to play my charr engineer because I wanted to try some other classes so no fun there.) 

Hunters...mmmm well.  Uh, yeah about them.  I think WoW spoiled me regarding hunters cause when it gets down to it GW2 pets are squish.  They probably are amazing at range but for now, not for me.

The guardians are actually pretty nice. I enjoy the mix of melee and magic.

Stab the ground! Make lights appear! There is a rule of anime at work here.

The personal stories have me. I can choose to rescue my friend or not!

In the Charr area, ghosts patrol at night. During the day they do not! Another, “Oh Cool!” moment. Wait a minute, the humans in Queensdale actually go inside at night, or to the tavern. Anybody else notice this?

Trying out the elemantalist. Got to be a human, don't know why but its the only playable race that seems to “click” with me.
Can I just say that a good elementalist will be a force to be reckoned with. Weapon swaps plus attunements will creating a high number of attacks/options. I was just having a blast figuring out what everything did and I still didn't see a fraction of it.

Deleted the human thief and creating a norn thief for fun. I mean come on, a big lumbering guy like that sneaking around.
SMACK! The norn thief looks cooler than the human. His get-up looks more ninja like. Yes, I named him Stabs McStabby. Why? Because its beta and I can. :)

I may keep Stabs around. He is so contradictory yet amazingly cool looking.

Just a quite shot of thoughts.  As a stated, I didn't get to play much, but the game time was exceedingly enjoyable.

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  1. I didn't notice that about the humans, actually. I love those little details!