Saturday, June 16, 2012

Quick Impressions of BWE 1

Starting in the human area was dramatic.  I've seen it a couple times but going through it with a ton of other people around me, all of us semi confused and swarming was pretty fun.

I'm in an event?  How'd I get into an event?

Villagers can actually die, or are they in a "down state?".   What are the purple triangles that appear when you tell the villagers to go to the inn? Oh karma!

Quest guy says, "Go here!"  I went another direction and ran into centaurs and mesmerized them, LOL!   Okay bad joke. Point being I ran everywhere but the "Go here" spot and was still part of the over all excitement.

The second learn Mesmer skill is sweet.  Invulnerable will striking multiple times/targets. Third Mesmer skill (teleport with clone) is a pain with lag.

I'm the jump master general!

Do my legs adjust when I'm on a slope?  Caramba, they do!

Okay the end boss was big, my laptop went into graphic cardiac arrest, I'm glad every class can heal it's self.

Zerged boss equals a dead boss.

Running around fields helping farmers.  I can water plants, stomp worm hols, feed cows (them cow loves me, big hearts above his head) and...a new event!  Bandits are burning the farm I just got up and running. Grumble.
Wow.  The event was successful.  I put out hay fires with a bucket and then beat up bad guys.

"Someone's poisoned the water hole!" That's the line I think of with the well poisoned quest. We barley stop the poisoning. They are blowing it up now!  We got Al Queda in Kryta?

Okay a thief.  Oh I like this, I'm afraid more than the Mesmer.

I just realized I can swap main hand off-hand and get different skills.  One of those precious "Oh Cool!" moments.

There is a Charr in Queens!  And he is helping humans.  What a changed world.

Charr area
I Love The Engi!  Or maybe the engineer charr combo but I had a blast in the charr area. I'm making the charr Engi.  My son named him.

More people are rezing others compared to the human instance.

Dodge rocks. Saved my fuzzy tail many times.

Lvl 2 vs manny lvl 6 baddies equals insta death.  On this note, you really have to apply ground movement tactics.  DON'T EVER LET THE ENEMY HAVE THE HIGH GROUND!  Your shots are "obstructed", theirs are not.  I must use this to some advantage in PvP.  Skill really plays a part in this.  If you've play a WoW hunter and knew how to kite that skill will translate well into GW2.

How do you get to PvP any way?

I haven't even left the general starting area, the one after you fight all the ghosts and yet I'm still finding things to do.

Some of the events repeat, maybe because it is a lower level area.

This is too much fun and it's still beta, really beta and this polished. Oh and guess what, I don't have to pay a dime extra.  TAKE THAT SUBSCRIPTION FEES!

Last thought-it maybe too early to really assess this but this has never felt grindy.  Not once. That alone has me hooked.

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