Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Unanswered GW2 Questions...

How do Charr take baths?

How do Norn women shave? Why DON'T some Norn men shave...

Do unattractive mesmers have a skill called "Inebriated Vision"? Do they learn it from the local tavern goers, Han Ekin or Bud Miller?

What happens when Sylvari drink Miracle-Gro?

Do the Charr Legions have to do random drug tests on war bands for catnip abuse?

Is a narcissists favorite class the Mesmer?

If you kill a Sylvari is it classified as homicide or herbicide?

How bad is charr morning hair?

Did the great camel spirit blesse Norn women with sufficient fatty deposits so they could endure harsh environments on little food and water?

If a zombie eats a Sylvari, is it eating vegitarian?

How does a moose drop a magical rifle? What is it doing with a rifle anyway? Hunting Norn?

What is the ground speed velocity of an unladen Moa bird?



  1. *hahahahaaahha* Being laden with two fatty deposits myself, they are also quite useful for free drinks in pubs...just saying...

    1. LOL! Why is your Norn version of Bohemian Rhapsody coming to mind right now :)

    2. *evil grin* I regret nothing!