Friday, October 12, 2012

Jasmin Sparkles or My boys nearly barfed.

So one of my daughters wanted to make a character on GW2.  She'd made one on GW1, a mesmer BTW, and I thought it would be pretty fun.  We started with the races. My daughter's comments are in italics.

"How about the Charr?"
"No, they are big hairy cats."
"You don't like cats?"
"Not big hairy ones."
"Norn?" "Asura?"
"They look funny. They have no hair."
"What about the humans?" "The regular looking people"
"Maybe...who's that?"
"Those guys on the end"
"The plant people?!"
"YEAH them!"  "Can I make one of them?" 

Now for a profession, well sword people are yuck, necros are too spooky, why would a plant play with fire and she liked the purple mesmer outfit (my daughter loves purple) but the Ranger won out because she could get a pet!  A big blue bird pet named Daisy. 

So ladies and gentlemen, without further Adieu I present Jasmin Sparkles -

We played around in the starting area, bought her a pretty bow, a Krytan bow.  (Tangent here. Man the Kryta versions of the low level weapons are amazingly detailed!  The Asuran are techno looking, Charr are steampunked but the Krytan versions are just fantastic.)

Now her older brothers wanted to know what all the hubbabaloo was about so they came over to my computer to see.  We showed them my daughters character and they, in eloquent boy fashion said, "BLEEECCHH!!!"  "That's soooo girlie!"  To which we replied, "Girlie and she can take down bad guys at 500 yards!"

It was so classic and my daughter is sooo very awesome.

See you in Tyria!


  1. Haha. That is pretty cute. Thanks for sharing the story and hope you and your daughter are having fun in Guild Wars 2 together! :)

  2. My step-daughter made a sylvari ranger on beta on my husband's account (much to his chagrin as he hates sylvari), but he has his own ranger so she went with an asura elementalist. My husband dislikes asura only slightly less than sylvari.

    My husband refuses to acknowledge the charr as feline and calls my mountain lion looking charr ugly, even though our toddlers point right at mine and say kitty cat without being told that's what she is. They also point at my human main and say Mom. A little strange that they make that connection.

  3. What a lovely name! The next time she gets on PM me, I have a fun box that I think she would get a trip out of.

  4. "Jasmin Sparkles". I've got to say that's a new one.