Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Meet the Krewe, or Warband, or group....

Who am I?
I'm a large anthropomorphic cat with horns and really good hearing!  I'm a naked erudite mole rat with shark like teeth!  I'm an underwear model that always looks perfect no matter what the environment!  Check me out.

When you are in Tyria, look for the following rascals and drop me a wave.

Ralvon Scorcher - Charr Engineer extraordinaire and twice meat festival BBQ champ.

Expiatus - Krytan Guardian who sports a mean beard.  

Zinjin - Asura thief, gun maker and part time architect.

Zonian - Asura warrior, gem broker and raises exotic birds.  Also, the last jotun who cracked a short joke at him is now two legs shorter.

See you in Tyria!


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