Wednesday, October 10, 2012

NOT Over and Out

When I Need to Take My Own Advice.

I had written that I was intent on letting this blog go.  It had become just one more thing to juggle and I had enough already.  It seemed for the past month I felt exactly like Bilbo's quote from the first Lord of the Rings movie, "Spread to thin, like not enough butter on too much bread."  But a few days ago two things happened, maybe three, that have me rethinking how I'm handling things. 

First, my wife, the greatest woman in the world by the way, told me I need to quit taking everything TOO seriously.  In the midst of a fussing 18 month old, a diaper change and some kids making weird noises I looked up at my wife and she was making the weirdest, contorted face possible and said in a "edjamacated" accent, "Don't yu wanna kiss me?"  I busted out laughing!  It was after that she informed me of my need to lighten up. 

Second, I read Siadina's post about Aly and I halting our blogging activities.  Aly's comments in particular struck a cord with me.  She described us a "positive bloggers".  We liked keeping things upbeat and really did not like to hit the critical cynical note every time we blogged.  Her comments got me thinking.  I'd never seen this blog in that light before.  I think, unfortunately I started seeing this blog as a drag because I was unconsciously attempting to be purposefully deep, or critical, or write something on par with Zubon, Syl or Melmoth

Folks, I just did a big post advising players to not take GW2 so seriously.  To just enjoy where it takes you.  I'm afraid I've been rather hypocritical.  I'm Zonian.  A guy who just wants to post what moves him at the time whether it be a funny picture or a semi-therapeutic blog entry /wink/.  I want the posts to be light-hearted and enjoyable.  I want folks to see how GW2 is something really different and will really grow as such over time.

So my apologies and I hope I don't seem wishy-washy.  I think now I'm refocused.  I'm not Over and Out, I'm over here in Tyria.  I will continue to drop a post every now and then as I find something amazing.


OH!  The third thing was I made a work bench in about an hour and a half.  It really cleaned up the garage which has been full since the minor basement flood last spring.  I love woodworking and love it when I jump into a project and it helped realize how much I enjoy it and miss doing it.


  1. Whoooohooooo! *happydance* I am really really glad you decided to stay! Aly's advice should be slathered in gold dust and have an entrance fee. Seriously!

    Also LMAO @Wife! Welcome back Zonian *passes you a finely aged Ascalonian Ale* May your posts be awesome, your game time plentiful, and your tail be free of tangles!

    1. Thanks! I agree my wife was very funny and she continues to make me laugh :)

  2. *cheers* Glad to see you are still going to blog. :)

    I never realized how bloggers are "a positive force", as Aly so well put. I guess I just took it for granted since they usually will just write what they are passionate about. And when there is something bothering them they will give some pretty good arguments about it and then move on. When compared to the usual discussions in forums though, it is easy to see the differences.

    As for trying to be deep and critical... Yeah, that is an easy trap to fall into when you are sharing the virtual space with such great bloggers. Then I read blogs like Siadia's Trippin' Tyria or Stargrace's and remember that silliness or posts just about small, personal accomplishments can be just as entertaining as the more deep ones. They are all ways to share our passion for the games, after all. :)

    Anyway, looking forward to your next posts! :)

    P.S.: If this ends up being a double comment, my apologies! My connection went down just as I clicked on the "Publish" button the first time. So feel free to delete one of the comments. >_<

    1. Small posts are great. I always visit Trippin Tyria just to see what Siadina has come up with!

      Thanks for the cheers :)

  3. Replies
    1. That's my relief at seeing you stay in the game, just to clarify.

    2. Well I thank you for the amazing insight and ways you say things. Sometimes poeple do not realize how much of in impact, though small, they have. I promise to enjoy myself :)