Saturday, July 28, 2012

Anime Law #34 - Law of Improbable Attire

Indecent Invulnerability - Bikinis render the wearer invulnerable to any form of damage.

Ahh, the Laws of Anime can apply in so many areas.  Granted, the Norn Mesmer is not wearing a bikini but comparing her combat clothes to her city clothes makes me wonder if she has a shield generator hidden some where.

Norn women, the Amazon Vikings of Tyria.  They are loud, tough and strong.  BUT, what they are not are grande-sized, dainty faced humans.  I simply cannot expect a woman living in the cold mountains where running water is limited and baths are few, to look like the cover girl of Vogue.  I'm not sure why Arena Net doesn't provide more hardened female faces, faces that show the endurance of many winters and battles.  I think it can be done.  I think a strong fighting figured woman can have feminine features but still retain that rough edge.  Think Bridgette Nielson circa 1985 as Red Sonja, she'd make a perfect Norn.  She might just be one.

Please ANet, gives us more Bridgett Nelson and less Dolly Parton.


  1. Didn't Red Sonja wear a bikini? Bridgette Nielson was also a model and quite possibly may have been in the pages Vogue ;)

    If it helps with immersion, I was under the impression our characters were novices rather than seasoned warriors. Same impression for the humans. The charr are the only ones who seem to begin with much experience, which is apt as they are the most militaristic of the races.

    What bothers me is how many of the norn faces look borderline cross-eyed, and the fact that the voice actor sounds like a girl trying to sound like a man. Wish they used Jora's voice actor. A faint viking-esque accent would have been nice as well, and help to further differentiate them from humans.

    1. Ahh! You're right. I forgot about her outfit from the comics. I was thinking of the outfit Bridgette Nelson wore in the Red Sonja movie...but after googling it, well that outfit wasn't much better even as a one piece. LOL!

      It's not so much an immersion thing, it's more the military and practical side of me that says, "You own two sets of clothes." "Why don't you wear the ones that will offer more protection?!" Why not just make her city clothes what she would wear in combat and the current Mesmer outfit for balls, galas, etc? I guess I'm just old school in that regard :)

      I think a mild Norse styled accent would be fantastic! I just really do not want them to be big humans.