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Asurans-Concentrated Magnificence

As I've previously stated on in a previous post, I am one dedicated Charr fan. However, after playing the Asura I have made room for my alts. I will have a couple Asura runnign around causing havoc in Tyria and boy will it be fun. Interesting how I find the two most technical races so appealing. But why the acceptance of Tyria's diminutive race? They are snarky geniuses that near embody ever insane but brilliant plan I carried out as a child. Yes, I was one of those kids that loved chemistry and mixed all sorts of household stuff in an attempt to make things go boom. Scary part was I succeed on some occasions :)

Short in stature, tall in power, narrow of purpose and wide of vision!

Call me cute and my golem will rip your arms off.
To begin with, my only experience with a diminutive MMO race was gnomes or goblins in WoW. I couldn't stand playing either one of them. So I entered into the asura character creation with a little trepidation. After seeing the face selection options, my worries started to drop. Bulldog ugly is the way to describe some of them. Bulldogs are a not the prettiest things in the world, but they are cool looking. What they lack in pretty, they make up for in attitude. I ended up creating two Asura, a mesmer and a warrior. The memser and the Asura just fit like hand and glove. A vicious little genius who is more than happy to twist your mind, kick your behind then use a transporter to drop you in the middle of nowhere. My asura warrior is a scream! Seeing that little guy haul a huge hammer around on his shoulders and near topple over is just priceless. The best part is the adrenaline attack for a one handed sword. They’re a yoda-like tornado of fury.

See, pyramid-like cube structures.

The Asura area is astonishing. Floating pyramid-like cube structures (yes, I can say pyramid-like cube structures), techno-magic screens and arcane powered robotic golems are everywhere. Oh! And the scale of Rata's big. I wonder if the Charr and Asura will compete to see who can create the largest structure, kinda like what we do with skyscrapers. Since the Asurans where booted out of their old home, they are making themselves masters of this domain. You get the feeling nothing is going to force them to move again.

As I wandered around Metrica Province I came across an NPC golem battle. Right here is a great reason to love the Asura - MECHA BATTLES. The ref starts out saying, "I'm not expecting a fair fight gentlemen, so don't disappoint me." The Golems actually fight, there is a winner/loser and the winner goes of gloating. I wonder if the winners change through a dynamic event or just random selection. Either way, this is just another one of those great touches ANet has added to enrich the "alive' feeling of the area.


Snark Master General

Asurans talk big and enforce their big talk with big weapons. As I was going through the personal story, you come across the Inquest. I'll leave it at that so I do not spoil to much but check out the conversation between Zojja and Teyo. Talk about a great one liner and it doesn't stop there. Through out the playable portions of the personal story, they talk about breaking people and their stuff. It reminds me of Stark's attitude in The Avengers movie where Thor nabs Loki and Stark goes after him. Stark shoots Thor, who threatens Stark and Stark's come back is "Don't touch my stuff." It's that kind of attitude that makes them so enjoyable to play. Also, you have a chance to talk to an Inquest recruiter. You can respond with a charm, dignity or fierce answer but afterwards click on him again and see the conversation. What a delicious cut-down!


There was another big surprise toward the end of the intro area - Mr Sparkles! I remember reading about him in Mr. Sparkles, A Tale of the Asura. I read that story to my boys and they loved it. So when I'm playing in the beta and see him I had to call my boys to see it. We thought it was a pretty awesome rendition and yes, Mr Sparkles kicks some serious "behind."

Categorized Miscellanea

Arena Net has hit a home run with this race. I will be playing the Asura and I will be having a blast with them. Please enjoy the following screenshots of some of the amusing things I found. Oh and the Hylek really do try to catch flies.

Progeny. Not children mind you but Progeny.
Mr Sparkles incarnate.

Yes, that is the Hylek's tongue and he likes glowbugs.
You can tell it's a "bad guy's" 'cause it's red.

Mesmer with clones and a phantasm.



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