Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sylvari, the Peculiar Plant People.

As many others, I finally got a chance to play the Sylvari during the final beta event and it was interesting. In full disclosure, I have never "clicked" with elf style races of a game. Night Blood High, low, monochromatic, just didn't matter-no elves. Maybe it is the whole natury conection to everything, I don't know. So I brought some baggage to the Sylvari playing experience; nevertheless, the results was 50/50.

Alien but exotic, fluorescent glow included.
Character creation is amazing. ANet has convincingly created a plant based humanoid race that is both alien and exotic yet familiar and simple. You can choose from very distinct faces; some look bark-like, others petals, some leaves. Ears can range from buds to pointed elf styled. Eyes can be pupil-less or have purple irises. Body colors cover the entire range of spring, summer and autumn. Now, if that were not enough, Anet added selectable bio-luminescence patterns. Great detail was invested into the creation of this race and players will enjoy it.

The story starts immediately with the me in the Dream and said Dream is under attack. Okay, here is where I star thinking Emerald Dream? Are we already going down the Night Elf path? Good news, No. The Dream is a pre-existence state of the Sylvari, I imagine it's while they're developing in their pods. They are hooked into the Dream similar to how humans where hooked into the Matrix. This attack was an attempt to pollute and corrupt developing Sylvari new borns, of which you are one.

Why was my Sylvari born with a mace?
At the end, I fight the biggest beginning area boss I've ever seen, a dragon made of tree parts and afterward I'm brought into the Tyrian world wearing only the proverbial fig leaf.

So far so good, things are clicking nicely. Now the main starting area begins like all the others. Talk to the map guy blah,blah,blah,blah,blah. Look for hearts, um wait, where am I? Do I go north or left? For me, The Grove is one confusing here, there, wrap around, where am I location. I really had no idea where I was going so I just followed the zerg herd and still ended up someplace where dead people pop out of the ground. Can we say, Tyrian zombies. BTW, if a zombie eats a Sylvari, is it eating vegitarian? I finally got away from the zombies only to end up on a bug hunt i.e. kill spiders. I did like ANets Alice In Wonderland reference, eating the mushrooms to shrink or grow.

A thief named Vash Stampede. Why not...why not.
I didn't get to far with the Sylvari however. I just couldn't get into the area and what was going on. It just seemed very general over all, but then again the human area is similar; however you are helping people after a large centaur attack so still at least there is a focused reason. The Grove feels more like house keeping - little things here and there. Nevertheless, the personal story has a very compelling start. Preliminary dealings with the Nightmare Court show these are some serious apostate Sylvari who are bent on corrupting the Pale Tree's children. I don't want to spoil anything but if you want some spoilers read Aly's post at Mistress of Illusion.

ANet, Cameron is calling. He wants to use The Grove for Avatar 2.
All in all the Sylvar are a fantastic race that many people will enjoy. I'm still a die hard Charr and Asura fan but I will eventually try the Sylvari again after the game goes live since I really want to see how the personal story evolves. I guess they just need time to grow on me.

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