Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Charrming Charr Charracters

I am so hooked on the Charr.

Oh I may enjoy the Asura or Sylvari when they come out but...I'M LOVIN' THE CHARR.

The entire Charr design, from race to history to current impact on their world is quite fascinating. First off, these were the "bad guys" of GW1. They destroyed Ascalon, your GW1 character's home. You wanted to kill them and liberate your home from those horrible invaders. Except in the Charr's eyes, the humans were the horrible invaders and they wanted them out. And kick them out they did, which brings us to GW2. So who's the oppressor? Who's the liberator? What delicious dichotomous irony!

Charr attitude. It's reflected in their tail swagger, their style, organization, determination, transindustrial architecture, machines. Here is a race that was at the bottom and now are considered metal workers that surpass the ancient dwarves. They even make the best timepieces in Tyria. "Take's a lickin' and keeps on tickin'". I bet they take G-Shock to a whole new level! The charr are responsible for the printing press and disseminating the new Kryta language. They, more specifically the Iron Legion, are on the cutting end of technology. (Would Charr be "analog" and Asurans "digital"? Hmmm.)

For visual examples, check out the following video. Look at the details in the metal work. Support beams are ornate, their are furnaces that are more metallic art vice a mundane foundry. Notice the spherical metal and glass structures, both difficult to create but a subtle testament to Charr ingenuity.

Latin is used extensively in Charr nomenclature, which is extensively cool btw. Its like Arena Net put the Roman Empire and the industrial revolution in a blender, added a shot of whiskey and hit puree. One glass of steampunked, praetorian guard please.

Finally, during the last stress test, I took time to watch the Charr's idle animations to catch some of the subtle details that make them so unique. Watch a charr holding a large hammer - its amazing as the charr test the hammers weight and feel. I also enjoyed some of the lines from the personal story. My favorite was from Reeva, "Did you see those ghosts explode?" "Sparkly"

I can go on and on but suffice it to say, the Charr are one of the most unique races I've encountered in an MMO. There may be many races in Tyria...but this one is mine.




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