Sunday, December 02, 2012

LEEROY BLUES and the amazing Afro.

I was up late and in a tired & goofy mood, the kind wherein you laugh at most everything especially if it's not normally funny. During this moment I got a crazy idea. I booted up GW2 and attempted to make the most bombastic character I could come up with. I started plunking around and remembered the afro hairstyle for the humans. Oh yeah! So an elementalist with an afro, a "Village People" mustache and horribly colored suit. Ladies and Gents, I present...

You know you love him.
After the starter area, I start running around Shaemoor attacking things and then victory dancing while saying, "Yes, I am all that!". It got so funny I had two lady elementalists follow me and laugh at with me as we removed an invading flock of harpies from the dam. Amidst all the goofiness I noticed the hair animations and i must say i'm pretty impressed. The afro sways, extends backward as I ran, bounces with jumps and stretches when I fell. Oh and when I say stretches, I'm talking Marge Simpson hair. Look at this!
Now when Leeroy busts out dancing he puts on some serious grooves! I kept thinking Dance-Dance Revolution for some reason as I watched him break it down in front of Dwana's statue. I think the outrageousness of it all just made me laugh hard.

I think it would be a good thing for everyone to have a "joke" character. Something that really is a total toon. They can be so much fun since they stick out like sore thumbs.

I'll leave with this final shot. I was experimenting with different camera angles for screen shots and I like how this one turned out.

P.S. yes I did run around yelling "LEEROY!" then diving into combat.

See you in Tyria!

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  1. Some where wondering - I did not keep Leeroy. He was a fun moment of hilarity; nevertheless, I always keep a character slot open for unexpected ideas.