Thursday, December 06, 2012

One Picture Can be Made to Say a Thousand Words

 In a previous post Creation is Awesome I talked about how I'd take a screen shot or picture and work it different ways to see what I can create.  I wanted to share a few examples.

Original picture of a female thief in Divinity's Reach from ANet.
I added an elliptical blur centered on the lady thief.  With the back ground unfocused she becomes the solitary center of attention.  In addition, add a more cooler look to somber the mood down a little bit.

Here I added a drama filter found in the iPad app Snapseed.  It heightens the ambient light and contrast to produce a striking picture.  

I do not know if this is the original of if I worked on this one also but we'll use it as the baseline.

I love these style of pictures!  I used Colorblast! to desaturate the picture and then add back the reds and greens that you see.  I wanted to get the bow also but its base color really didn't stand out from the background so I just declared victory with what you see know.

Here is another example of a center focus but with and added filter on top.

This was a rather epic PvP picture from ANet.  I had to mess with it.

Here again with the drama filter.  Again, it pops out all the little details.

Here I added a drama filter, then a magenta based filter radiating out from the guardian and a frame to polish it off.  It really isn't meant to mean anything, it just looked cool.

This a grunge filter, also found in the Snapseed app.  It produces almost a past memory feel.

Female Norn warrior with an awesome hammer from ANet.


  1. I love the look of the very last one. It looks like an old movie still. Very very sweet Zonian!

  2. SunnyBunny2/7/16, 6:29 PM

    Hi I wanted to let you know how great this is I've been doing the same thing..