Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wintersday is AMAZING! A quick review.

I didn't log in until 10:00 pm central on 14 Dec.  i didn't now what to expect.  I was in Metrica Province on my asura and noticed huge gifts laying about, so I opened them.  KABOOM!!! presents and skritt everywhere.  I grab the presents in case they are on a timer or the skritt get them and then dispatch the skritt.

"okay....that was...interesting."  "Wait!  The loot."

I check through the inventory, find the gifts and I got a .....what?   A dirty ole sock!   Well not to be deterred I started hunting the map for gifts falling form the sky.  Explosions, skritt and gifts again and again.  I finally got some snow flakes, which fetched almost 2 silver a piece on the trading post. 

Curiosity has me now by the neck and I have to go see Lion's Arch.  I get to LA via the PvP/Mists quick travel.  The loading screen is gorgeous. 

I come out of the Vigil's fort, over the bridge and into a visual winter decoration eye-candy feast.  I'm blown away.  All I can do is just stand and watch, charr, kodan, tengu, skritt, and every other race throw snow balls at each other.  I notice a snow ball pile, grab some and start pelting.  Oh, and if you chuck a snowball at anyone, expect the NPCs to hit you back.  A snowball fight is a quintessential winter past time;  I can only imagine the snowball fights that will ensue as the Christmas holidays go on. 

A polar bear having a snowball fight with a human child.  There's a Coca-Cola commercial in there some where.


Notice the Tengu has the big pile of snowballs.

Told you the Kodan can throw hard.

As I made my way toward the genie I was met with a fantastic sight.  The genie is now a massive snow globe and the area is decorated with presents, floating glass stars, snowflakes, evergreen trees and snow, snow, snow, snow!  I'm telling you all, ANet put that vista on the bridge so all the screen shot junkies could take snap shots of the genie during every holiday season event.

The fountains redesign is just magical and amazing!

I then jumped in the the jumping puzzle.  Yes, you go into the jumping puzzle and it is HUGE!  In addition, players have to keep jumping.  Stand still and the snow flakes melt or you can get frostbite.  This thing is fun, even though I haven't gotten past the first part!  

Here are some shots of the puzzle from the starting point.  I'm totally amazed and the sheer size of the puzzle, its design and just all the attention put into it.

The next event I tried was the Guitar Hero inspired bell game.  Colored me impressed on this one, it is quite creative.  Upon entering a new song the players are place on a stage with two other players.  Your skills become notes associated with the colors painted on the stage.  

Glowing orbs start at the end of the stage and will move toward you.  When they hit the white line you have to hit the correct note/color on keys 1-4 or 6-9.  The songs become progressively harder; I actually got to the fourth round and it was tough.  I think with a little practice players can pick this up pretty quick, of course they'll need a lil' bit of rhythm.  Also, after some songs you get a "free play" for about 30 seconds wherein you can play what ever song you like.

Hit 8! No Blue!  I mean...what color is that?
   Finally, I got in the the snowball fight on steroids, "Snowball Mayhem"!!!!

Two teams are trying to get a gift near the center of the map and carry it back to their base, essentially capture the flag.  However, each player must choose a role: scout, heavy gunner or supporter.  Each role can do specific things.  Scouts are a hunter/thief mix with rapid shooting, a stealth and an awesome snowball sniper skill.  Heavy gunner is just that, massive spiked snow ball shooter with a mix of other heavy hitting shots but a slow mover when their skills are deployed.  The supporter is a blast!  players can lay down ice slicks, snow walls, a heal or turn themselves into a massive snowball and run people over!  I vote this best skill in Wintersday, you have to try it.

Yes, that is my Asura as a massive snowball.
 Folks, Wintersday has blown me away.  I thought I knew what level of detail and design to expect after halloween but this exceeded my expectations.  Oh and the music, I can't forget to comment on the music.  The music is perfect holiday, winter wonderland themed music, it perfectly fits.  I am going to enjoy myself thoroughly this Christmas season.

See you in Tyria.    


  1. I don't have the patience for jumping puzzles and my brain doesn't like mixing colours and number keys. ;) But the snowball fight game is awesome. Lots of fun. :)

    1. The puzzle is driving me crazy also. I can't get past those snowflakes. I'm getting better at the music game but is i mess one up I tend to just "crash and burn" from that point on. I love the snowball fight game also. It is so well done, I'm very impressed.

  2. Jumping puzzle was really challenging, and it annoyed me to hell when I got stuck in the waiting area constantly being punched in the face by snowballs!