Friday, December 14, 2012

Bah Bye Bots. Bah Bye now. Bah Bye.

Mike Lewis posted on the GW2 official forums a post about the War Against the Bots!  Sounds like a B grade science fiction film, doesn't it?  I am so glad they are after these things.  They can be a pain in the neck but yet sometimes they are a source of fun.  I took a screen shot of the one of those fun moments.  Below there are a set of bots running around Queensdale near where the champ cave troll event occurs.  Can you see where this is going?  Oh yes.  We trolled the troll into the bots path and let the champ troll do all the dirty work.  Pity I didn't get screen shots of that moment.

DIE multi-consonant named nude ranger bots!

Bot hunting was fun I must admit but just for a couple of times.  This helped me remember how ANet handled botting in GW1.  The following video illustrates.

Yes ladies and gents, that is ole' Grenth displaying his extreme displeasure with a bot.  It would be so cool to see that again but I guess it would not fit in with the current story with the six being rather silent and withdrawn these days.  Maybe getting run over by a massive herd of Skritt?  Or a dragon comes down and just swallows them up?  If you got a creative idea post it in the comments.

I know this is not the end of bots.  As long as there are player who buy gold there will be gold farmers.  Nevertheless, I'm glad to see ANet dealing with the issue since it has been a sore spot to so many.  In addition, it reinforces what we should already know - ANet is working through all the kinks of only a 4 month old game and doing a rather good job of it.  

See you in Tyria!

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