Friday, November 16, 2012

Brought to you buy the CONSORTIUM!!!

Well it looks like our mysterious new building in Lion's Arch is home to the Consortium - self proclaimed rival to Lion's Arch.  The building is now a marked point-of-interest and numerous NPCs are roaming around.  The guards will tell you nothing...literally, they tell you they shouldn't be talking to you. 

Then there is Blingg.  Talk about a name being an understatement!  He has the following to say and he doesn't reveal much as of yet if you talk to him.

If you go inside the only open building this charming woman is there but again no real information on what they are selling or doing, etc.

Not to far from the gates, there is a spunky Asuran researcher named Levvi (a name allusion to something that is about to break loose, hmmm) who is raising a fuss about rising bioetheric measurements. 

If you go the Moran Memorial you will find ruptured cargo barrels washed up on shore, evacuation kits and crowbars lying around

There is jetsam all over the beach and then there is this...Was this always here in Lion's Arch?

So I decide to go underwater exploring.  You can't into the Sea of Sorrow outlet but you can go down to the very bottom below the anchored boat.  Umm. look what I found.

A crab-like midsection and what looks like two legs.  Holy Mackerel!  I bet its one of our sea monsters.

What is going to happen folks?  Mutant death crabs, three eyed mermaids, Jimmy Hoffa popping out of the water?  Who knows!

See you in Tyria!

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