Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's the little things...

As I've played through the various personal stories of races and journeyed around I've have enjoyed discovering some of the amazing details ANet has woven into the game.  I wanted to share a few of them.

I made a female charr elementalist - I wanted to try it out and see if I like the character combination.  I made her an Ash Legion member and as soon as I could I jumped into her personal story.  I do not want to give away the plot so I'll just say she goes under cover.  It is important to remember, flame legion does not allow females to be part of their forces so being a female trying to infiltrate flame legion poses a challenge.

Now what is amazing to me is ANet wrote two separate scripts depending on the gender of the charr. A male charr goes up to a sentry and give the pass word and the sentry let's him in after some short dialogue.  On the other hand, the female charr talks in a fake low voice that is just hilarious and the sentry responds, "Whoa! Do you have a cold or something?"

Her response:

I love it!  They took in to account there would be both female and male genders and how it would play against the flame legion.

Here is another example.  I've noticed when you click on another character, be it NPC or another player's, your character's head moves to keep focused on their face.  Take a look at the following picture.
 My guardian is looking up at her, focused on her face.  Now lets see what happens when you look at someone shorter than your character.
Here my character is looking down to focus on the shorter sylvari's face.  Little unnoticed details that we take for granted but really add a unspoken realism to the game.  Want another example?  You know you do  :)  Put your character near some bushes.  Walk through them or shoot through them and see what happens.  They move!  They respond to the character and what it is doing.

Finally, this little gem.  In GW2 a player can wonder around any open house or building and talk with the NPCs inside.  Sometimes you get a story, info, something funny or just general chit-chat but shouldn't it strike people as an odd thing that you are wandering around their home?  Well this guy thinks so!
I laughed so hard at this when I first experienced it.  Especially the treasure answer because the old fella doesn't have much in the house.

Keep your eyes open as you explore Tyria.  There are so many little gems that are right there in the open that add to the enjoyment of the game.

See you in Tyria!


  1. I love the details too but I never really noticed the ones you pointed out. I guess that goes to show how oblivious I am...

    Anyway, of these ones I think my favorite is the female charr one. Usually in games they add these details about a certain group being sexist but then never really do anything with it. Much less have the player gender matter on the subject. It is nice they didn't avoid tackling it on this case and they did it in a very humorous way.

    The last one with the treasure is also very funny. I never get tired of jokes like that against one of the oldest RPG tropes. :)

    1. Oh you should see the number of screen shots of things I find as I wander every where. I actually will go into a tavern and talk to every patron, just to see what they say. And when something catches my attention I hit the print screen. They really have paid attention to so many little details. I'm really impressed.