Friday, November 16, 2012

Zomorros Speaks! and gets bored with me.

With karka running amok the enigmatic genie of Lion's Arch has decided to revel himself a little and speak to Tyrians.  I present my little conversation. (click to embiggin)

So what do we learn.  Karka are really old creatures from the dawn of Tyria and the Quaggan, Hylek and Largos (haven't met them yet) can fill us in on the details.  By the way, I love how, "The Mighty Zommoros has spoken." equals "I'm bored now."  hehe.

I also discovered the lighthouse has been snapped in two. Lion's Arch just can't get a break can they?  
Of course I dive into the monster infested waters to see what I can see and I find the other portion of the lighthouse in the water.

I must say, I'm impressed that ANet has no qualms about destroying part of the world and then rebuilding it as part of telling the story.  For example, Lion's Arch is slowly rebuilding the the main fountain again after King Thorn destroyed it. 

I know I will not be able to participate in everything that is going to happen during the "Lost Shores" weekend and that is fine.  It's kinda like real life, you see somethings, you miss others because you have priorities.  Nevertheless, I'm going to poke around all over the place and see as much as I can when I have a chance.

See you in Tyria!

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