Sunday, November 18, 2012

When Karka Attack...Attack Back! Lost Shores.

Yesterday I was able to log in and participate in the taking of the Lost Shores.  Oh what a fun and entertaining zerg fest it was.  Being leveled-up to 80 yet still lacking in the gear and skills department,  I decided to equip a scepter/focus on my guardian and a long sword.  I jumped into the melee fray just long enough to get in some hits, light a karka on fire, drop a seal and then got out of the area so I could spam long range attacks.  It was challenging.  It was fun.  We had folks weaving in heals, running in to revive others, boons going off left and right, spamming condition removers, it was GREAT!

Join the Lion Guard today!  Explore distant new lands.  Discover new creatures and kill them!
 In addition, I got to see the establishment/building of all the camps and bridges that are now a permanent part of the island.  One fella joked, "Whenever I come back here I can say I was here when they built this bridge!"  He was right.  As a one time event that will not be repeated it was enjoyable to be a part of the experience precisely because it was a singular and unique event.  Some players might have a problem with this, I for one do not.  I know I will not be part of every special event, kinda like real life.  Sometimes we are there to witness things happen and sometimes we miss them only to see the after effect.  It is a bold move by ANet but one I think is good for the game.  For a more in depth discussion on transient events I suggest reading Syl's post "Experiencing Event, Impacts and Player Mindset" over at Raging Monkeys.

I have not had a chance to participate in the fractal dungeon yet so I can't write about it.  Nevertheless, if you are curious about it, Emtombed has a good post titled Fractals and Frizzles wherein he explains his experiences with the new style dungeon.

For what little I could participate, I greatly enjoyed myself and hope other players did too.   I am enjoying how ANet is implementing stories or events in chapters or acts.  They still need some polish and that will improve with each one they produce, but for a game to be out only a few months and offer us all this for free, i.e. no subs, I'm impressed.

See you in Tyria!

--Random Screen Shots--
That is one BIG Asuran laser.  I wonder if they are compensating for something?

Champion karka hit have a jump attack that hits HARD!  Luckily I was revived by another player.

I don't know if this is a glitch or on purpose but I thought it funny.  Joe Ranger: "This island is full of abnormal and vicious creatures!"  Bill Elementalist:  "No it's not, it says it's normal all over the ground."  "Nothing to worry about."


  1. I'm glad to read some positive reviews on last night - my experience was rather tiresome but it's great to see that some players had as much fun as you did. :) I still suspect that my overflow server was simply too low on people which would explain the pacing issues.

    And I really hope ANet hold on to their one-time event philosophy. it is not an easy stand to defend against some of today's MMO audience.

    1. WOOT! Syl posted a comment on my blog! I promise not to let it go to my head. :)

      I want ANet to stand by their guns on one time events also. Their will be growing pains but ANet can be a fast learner and these type of events have so much potential to really change what players experience and expect in MMOs.

      TY again for the comment.

  2. I like the one time events too, when I can play them. Alas real life has a way of chompping on your butt in ways that make playing impossible. *sniff* I missed the whole thing...*Cry*

    Glad you had a fun time though Zonian! And lol that laser!

    1. Yes, real life steps in at some of the most inopportune times. But you that's life and I really wouldn't have it any other way.

      The laser is hilarious. I just wish we could fire them!